We are Investors and Entrepreneurs

Wei Capital Management, LLC is a venture capital and private equity firm that focuses on healthcare and life science investments.  We are unique because we are both investors and entrepreneurs.  We love to create our own business models and invest in our own ventures, but we always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with innovative and experienced entrepreneurs or investors.
Our business model targets investments in promising therapies for tough-to-treat diseases that have failed Phase 3 clinical trials.  We believe a lot of Phase 3 trials do not succeed because biopharmaceutical companies may not have a strong understanding of how to treat or reverse chronic diseases.  This results in risky clinical development programs, as well as poor clinical trial design, and makes it difficult for drugs to demonstrate efficacy in large, long clinical trials.  Our clinical experts are one-of-a-kind because we specialize in degenerative chronic diseases.  Through the practice of integrative medicine - a blend of western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - our scientists have developed many therapies with the ability to reverse rare or deadly degenerative diseases that traditional drugs are unable to effectively treat.  Our team will identify promising Phase 3 candidates and use their proprietary clinical expertise to design and execute shorter, smaller clinical trials with endpoints that will demonstrate the efficacy of these treatments.  This approach will allow us to finish pivotal clinical trials within one year and give investors a profitable ROI in a short period of time."




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